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Reverse Engineering


  • Do you have a 3D scan and need to convert it into a solid model?... We can help you!


We mathematically rebuild the surfaces of a digital 3D model

Starting from the scanned model, the classic point cloud, we are able to accurately rebild the object's mathematics with defined surfaces. The solid model thus obtained will be perfectly manageable by any CAD or CAM system.



Imported STL model. You notice dirty parts outside the model and missing parts.

STL model cleaned from external parts.

Construction of the mathematical model on the point cloud. Very delicate phase, the precision of the model is given by the quality of the points detected. For the diameters and positions of the holes, a further caliber check is carried out.

Mathematical model completed. The solid thus obtained is convertible into the classic standard sizes, IGES, STEP, PARASOLID etc.


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ANSYS Discovery

This processing was carried out with ANSYS Discovery™ with STL Prep module
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