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Robot Management


Having a unique and simple environment for off-line programming of industrial robots, with the possibility of simulating an infinite number of axial tables, rotating and equipment and with an attractive price is the dream of any self-respecting entrepreneur.

Today all this is possible with SPRUTCAM® ROBOT



In the CAD 3D project of the customer's robotic cell, we are initially added, from our expert staff, all the kinematic information concerning linear and rotating axes, arms, rails etc. The kinematics thus obtained, inserted and configured in Sprutcam Robot, is ready to be used.

The processing process of the toolpath is extremely simple and can be summarized in 6 key points.


Processing procedure:

  1. Sprutcam uses a different process from other Cam systems, the selection of the machine, then also the robot cell, is determined at the beginning of the job. This means that all subsequent machining operations will take into account the physical limits of the machine tool.
  2. Once the machine has been determined, it is possible to import the 3D model to be machined, any workpiece and possible restrictions, determining their position and size. Sprutcam imports the following formats directly:

  3. Creation of the processing steps. With many machining operations available in Sprutcam the toolpaths are defined, defining the tool type and the machining strategies.
  4. With the integrated simulator it is possible to check all the machining, highlighting any problems encountered, such as limits of rotation of the robot axes, singularity, collisions, etc. With an effective and intuitive work map the correction of any problems and optimization is a breeze.
  5. A Step through the post processor. A few simple clicks to get the personalized ISO post.
  6. Get Profit!

Path Control map:




An extensive range of toolpath strategies working directly with 3d models of the part and the workpiece are available


Click on the processing to see them in detail



Robots currently managed in SprutCam Robot



We are able to create and automate any type of robotic cell, from the simplest (robot + board) to the most complex (multi-robot moving on rails + rotating tables)




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